Automotive Service and Maintenance for Your Muffler and Exhausts

If you are the owner of a vehicle, then you know all about the routine maintenance and repairs that come with owning a vehicle. The muffler and exhaust area of your vehicle is very important, but it can require repairs just like anything else does. When this area of your vehicle is in trouble, there are some very common signs that you can watch out for. Make sure to have your vehicle serviced quickly to avoid bigger issues.

Here are some common issues to watch out for:
  • Condensation may slowly drip from your exhaust pipe and accumulate under your vehicle.
  • Your engine sounds much louder than it normally does when you are driving.
  • You may notice there is rust on your muffler or exhaust. This could indicate it's time for repairs or replacement.
  • Lower than normal fuel efficiency numbers are noticed.



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