The Ways to Identify Issues with Tire Treads on Your Vehicle

The tire tread on your car tires will give you warning signs when trouble possible, here is what you need to be looking out for.

Take a look at the treads on the tires weekly at the least, you want to try an identify strange wear patterns. The tread should be even, so if you see a bare patch or missing tread, don't hesitate in getting the car to Porsche Monterey for a checkup.

Looking more closely at the tire treads, you should be concerned if you see any bulges on the sidewalls. This is the weakest part of the tire and could lead to a blowout.

If there is an obstruction anywhere in the tire, don't remove it yourself. If the pressure indication shows a drop in air, it needs to be repaired before the tire fails.

Keep up with the tire rotations at Porsche Monterey because those appointments give us the chance to spot tread issues too.



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