How to Safely Load Cargo Into Your SUV

Now that you have an SUV, the team at Porsche Monterey wanted to make certain that you knew how to safely load cargo so everything arrives safely to your destination.

Try to strap down small boxes so they stay put and don't wind up in another area of the cargo bay.

When you have a decent size load, try putting heavier boxes on the floor inside the SUV. Not only will they stay in place, lighter boxes or odd shaped cargo can be placed on top of them without risking damage to either.

Before you drive away, secure any loose items so they don't roll around and become damaged while traveling. If you don't have anything to secure them, wedge them between bigger boxes or position them against the side of the SUV.

Bring your SUV down to Porsche Monterey so we can service it and make certain it is ready for your next adventure.



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