Changing a Flat Tire and Staying Safe on the Roadside

Follow these steps so you can change that flat tire quickly and safely.

If your vehicle is stuck on the road, it is fine to ride the rim if you are only moving a few feet to a safer location.

Loosen up all those lug nuts on the flat tire first, a turn or two will be enough. Then jack the car into the air so the flat tire is off the ground. Remove the lugs, remove the tire, then place that flat tire off out of the way.

Replace with the spare tire, secure by tightening the lug nuts only until the tire is secure in place.

Lower the jack and then you can tighten the lug nuts all the way. Pick up your tools and place the flat in your trunk.

Don't forget to get your car to Porsche Monterey so we can replace the flat tire with a brand new one.



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