Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Increase Night Driving Safety

If you've ever glanced in your rearview mirror while driving at night, only to be blinded by the glaring headlights of the vehicle behind you, you'll appreciate the function that auto-dimming mirrors, also called electrochromic mirrors, perform. Our service technicians at Porsche Monterey wanted to provide a quick explanation as to how auto-dimming mirrors work.

Auto-dimming mirrors use a process called electrochromism that darkens the mirror in order to prevent what's called the "Troxler Effect", experiencing a visual blind spot after staring at a light glare in the rearview mirror. Auto-dimming mirrors are outfitted with two sensors which prompts a darker gel contained within the mirror to restrict the amount of light that is reflected from a vehicle following your car.

The auto-dimming mirror serves as an important safety feature in most newer model vehicles. They're one of the many amenities you'll discover when you come in for a test drive.



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