What Is a Blind-Spot Monitor?

Blind spot monitors have become more popular in the past five years. With the addition of sensors and cameras on vehicles, you can now get warnings that help you drive along any road and in any traffic conditions. Blind spot monitors are sensors and cameras that track motion and help you see where you can't, which is especially important for larger vehicles.

On big SUVs, trucks, sedans, and other vehicles, you'll find that blind spot monitors can save lives. You may not be able to see every point on your vehicle, but with cars after 2015, there are now more rearview cameras and sensors as well as side view sensors that show exactly what's going on around your vehicle on the road.

You can look at the alerts in the LED display on your center console. Want to see how it works? Why not test drive the latest vehicles with blind spot monitoring? Visit Porsche Monterey.



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