Have you ever been blinded by the glare of headlights in your rear-view mirror? It can be a scary and distracting situation, putting everyone in the car at risk. Fortunately, Auto-Dimming mirrors have been around for a while now, making the roads at night a bit safer. Our team at Porsche Monterey is ready to tell you how they work.

Auto-Dimming mirrors have two sensors on them: one in the front which catches direct glares from headlights, and one in the back which picks up on the ambient light of the windshield. These sensors communicate with the control circuit, which tells the mirror whether it needs to be dimmed or not.

The magic is in the electrochromic layer of the mirror. When beams of light from the car behind you hit the sensor, it sends a signal to the control circuit, which in turn sends a low voltage charge to the electrochromic layer, causing it to darken and reduce reflection.


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