Your car has many fluids and gases that circulate through the various systems. For instance, there is gasoline, oil, antifreeze and power steering fluid, to name a few. Gaskets are rubber or other special material that forms a seal between two components and keeps the fluid from leaking out.

Gaskets and seals are made to be resistant to the fluid that they are supposed to contain, but they will all eventually break down over time. When this happens, they develop cracks, imperfections or become brittle. They no longer form a tight seal. A small leak is usually not a problem at first, but a leak will eventually only get larger over time. Liquid sealants may slow the damage, but ultimately, the gasket will need to be replaced.

If you are noticing fluid under your car when it is parked, you need to call Porsche Monterey and schedule to have your gaskets checked or replaced.



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