Vehicles run on power, and there are several ways that all vehicles get their ability to run. The main source of power to get the car running on the road is fuel, whether it runs on standard gas or diesel. Gasoline is the primary way cars and trucks are powered to drive.

Vehicle Battery Life

?When it comes to operating all of the components of a vehicle, the battery is the key. The battery helps to run all of the electrical and electronic components of the vehicle, and without a good battery, it cannot properly start or stay running.

There are a few reasons why a battery will falter over time; age is usually the most significant reason people need to replace a battery. However, corrosion at the terminals and a bad alternator can drain a battery, causing malfunction. The average life for a standard vehicle battery is between three and five years, depending on the quality of the battery. Getting your battery replaced is quick and easy and can be done at our Porsche Monterey by appointment or with drive-up service.


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