Now more than ever, Americans are getting to enjoy Formula 1. With a successful Netflix series and added races here in the states, we get to see the exciting action. But, nothing is exciting without Porsche. The automaker has won championships in racing series across the globe and soon it will be bringing that to F1 as an engine supplier.

Porsche is making a return to F1 by 2025 or 2026 likely as an engine supplier. That means that they'll provide the engine and powerplant technology teams on the grid who choose to partner with them. The return is marked by some friendly rivalry with a certain silver arrows brand, plus there are new engine rules coming which provide beneficial elements to automakers like Porsche to get back in and take the checkered flag and some of the most prestigious races on the racing calendar.

We will be sure to watch and track those developments, as often times racing technology can make its way into performance vehicles found at our showroom.

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