The latest movie sweeping the nation right now is Top Gun: Maverick. In the original, Porsche featured prominently, albeit, a replica. This time however, the real thing appears and shows why Porsche always stands out.

The vehicle Jennifer Connelly's character drives is a factory-correct 1973 911 S Coupe. It's a ride that collectors seek out, and the movie production was loaned one by a collector. It's the last of the long-hood and thin bumper 911 models out there before a refresh was done to bring the vehicle in line with new standards. It's cool to see such an iconic model on the silver screen and in such a high-profile movie. Of course, Porsche is no stranger to Hollywood as models have been in many different movies over the years. You can always get a Hollywood feel when you come and take a look at our current Porsche vehicles for sale too.

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