Being able to drive one of the most luxurious performance brands around is a thrill, no matter the model year or make. Being able to drive it knowing that it is safe is also important. That is why we are making drivers in the area aware of a safety notice from Porsche.

Select Porsche vehicles from the 2003 to 2020 model year may be impacted by a headlight issue. The issue is the caps that cover the low beam headlights' horizontal adjustment screws are missing, which means the headlight can shift out of the ideal alignment. If they aren't properly adjusted, it can impact how well you're able to see when using your headlights. If your vehicle is impacted you should get a notice from Porsche. If you're not sure, contact us at the dealership and we will let you know. Porsche will cover the cost of the repairs as well to get you back on the road safely after a visit to our service center.

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